Hobo- sausage, cheese,taters
Four Cheeses- in and out
Ham n' Cheeses- guess whut
Drifter- bacon tomatoes, cheeses
Bacon- bacon,cheese
Mushrooms n'Cheese- sauteed mushrooms
Bandido- mild salsa and four cheeses
Denver- ham, onion,greeen pepper, cheese
Brother Joes- bacon mushrooms, taters,cheeses
Denver Plus-Denver stuff, plud salsa
Ham n' shrooms- ham,mushrooms cheeses
Vegetarian- mushrooms,onions,peppers,tomatoes,taters,
cheeses,salsa,sour cream

Two eggs-                        Ground sirloin n'eggs                                         Chicken fry n' eggs           Two-Two-Two
Bacon n' eggs                    Hangover
Sausage n' eggs                 Eggs Rojo
Buffalo n' eggs                   Ham n' eggs

French Creek toast
Plain                   Plain 1/2
Sausage              Bacon               Blueberry

Short stack           Full stack           Buleberry

Signature Breakfast
Beltbuster Omelette                  S.O.B South of the Border
Biscuits & Gravy Fruit Parfait
Cold CerealOatmel